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I’m a Dutch Geek who enjoys Japanese culture, Photography, Videography, Social Media (Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook), Games and Bunnies. Worked and studied in Japan for about 3 years, still visiting regularly. JLPT N2 certified and currently working on N1.

Tv appearances:
Tokyo Tv Culture Japan, season 1, episode featuring Figure collections
Tokyo Tv Culture Japan, season 2, episode featuring Wonderfes Anime Convention
Tokyo Tv Culture Japan, season 2, episode featuring Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
Nihon Tv Zoom-in New Year Special, interview about my hobbies
Nihon Tv Short appearance during my work at Iwase Farm in KITTE, Tokyo
Fuji Tv Nippon Daisuki Gaikokujin Grand Prix, Dance Video Maru Maru Mori Mori

Web Publications:
CosMates, video about Cosplay
Amazing Japan, interview about my life in Japan
AsianBeat, interview about my hobbies
Tofugu, photos and video for article about the Kawasaki Halloween Parade
Figure.fm, my photo series “Tokyo Tales” are often featured on this website
Dannychoo.com, several photo articles (Freelance work)
IcanhazCheeseburger, video of my bunnies
CuteOverload, several videos of my bunnies

Shinkei Shinbun, article about my thoughts of Japanese Culture
Nippon Magazine, two articles about my life in Japan