Fukushima – Koriyama and Bandaimachi

Many people think that Fukushima is not accessible anymore due to the major disaster that happened in 2011. However, many cities inside Fukushima were not affected by the disaster and are definitely worth visiting. You will support the economy of Fukushima by visiting their prefecture and the people will be more than happy to see you. For those who are worried about radiation, the radiation level in Koriyama and Bandaimachi aren’t anywhere near harmful.

Koriyama is a city located in central Fukushima and is an important transportation hub if you’re going to travel around Fukushima. Koriyama station has lots of restaurants and all kinds of different shops. Close to the station you’ll find a fine choice of hotels. Many trains and even the Shinkansen stops at this station, which makes Koriyama a perfect place to stay the night if you’re just passing through.

Bandaimachi is a stop on the Ban Etsu West Line, a cute, old train which brings you to many tourist spots between Koriyama and Niitsu. One of the popular things to do around Koriyama is skiing, due to the mountains. I went to Bandaimachi to enjoy the snowy scenery and to walk around in its cute, small village.

Official website of Fukushima (in English), with more about places to visit: http://www.tif.ne.jp/lang/en/
Official website of Koriyama Station (in English): www.city.koriyama.fukushima.jp