Hakone – Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine, a beautiful Shinto shrine located along the shore of Lake Ashi. A must visit if you’re traveling around in Hakone. If you’re visiting during weekdays it’s not that crowded which makes it even more relaxing. If you’re using the Pirate Sightseeing Boat for a trip around Lake Ashi, you’ll see the Torii of Hakone Shrine from a distance, which is absolutely stunning.

Free entry and always open. It’s a 5 minute walk from Moto-Hakone to the entrance of the shrine. Moto-Hakone is one of the stops of the Pirate Sightseeing Boat, but is also reachable by bus.

Official website of Hakone Shrine (in Japanese): http://hakonejinja.or.jp/


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