Hakone – Lake Ashi and the Pirate Sightseeing Boat

One of Hakones major attractions is Lake Ashi. A huge lake which gives you an amazing view of the surrounding nature. One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Ashi is to use the Pirate Sightseeing Boat. There are several of them and they all have a different design. You can pay a little bit more and buy a First Class ticket, which makes the trip even more pleasant (more decorated interior and less crowded).

For more information about where you can board the Pirate Sightseeing Boat check their official website. Various ticket prices, based on where you want to get on or off. See their website for more information. You don’t have to buy a boat ticket if you have a Hakone Free Pass. Hakone Free Pass is a affordable pass that allows you to use most of the trains, buses, rope way, sightseeing boats and more for a fixed price. It will save you lots of money and time. It also gives you discounts or free entry to other sightseeing spots around Hakone.

Official Pirate Sightseeing Boat: http://www.hakone-kankosen.co.jp/foreign/en/index.html
Official website for the Hakone Free Pass (in English): http://www.odakyu.jp/english/deels/freepass/hakone/


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