Harajuku – Takeshita Dori

Harajuku is the place to be if you’re looking for Fashion! Especially Takeshita Dori is filled with cute clothing and accessories stores. Takeshita Dori offers various styles of clothes so whatever you’re looking for you can’t go wrong here. There are also fancy cake shops, small restaurants, cafes and a huge Daiso (selling everything for 105 yen). It’s often crowded (like very, very crowded), even during weekdays so if you visit during the summer, make sure to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. That said, if you want a good shopping experience, do avoid weekends and holidays.

Takeshita Street is right in front of Harajuku Station. Just make sure to take the “Takeshita Dori” Exit.

Official Takeshita Dori website (in Japanese): http://www.takeshita-street.com/index.html


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