Hatanodai – A Rainy Afternoon

Hatanodai is the place I spent most of my time living in the Tokyo Area. It’s a small but convenient city close to Shinagawa and Shibuya. Hatanodai has many charming, local shops and Shrines. It’s a really nice place to live as it’s lively during day time but very quiet at night, which is absolutely great as it’s so close to central Tokyo. You can sleep peacefully and buy your groceries at the local shops nearby. The trains are very convenient as well as they stop at many sightseeing spots and important transportation hubs.

These photos were made during a rainy afternoon. I’m not that bothered by rain in Japan as the temperature is often warm and you can buy umbrella’s on every corner on the street. The rain always made my neighborhood even more cute by seeing kids wearing their over sized rain boots, playing around in puddles, people rushing to the station and all the colorful umbrella’s. The local shops would protect all their goods with plastic sheets and some of them prepare special umbrella covers so the inside of the shops will won’t get messy.

During Spring and Summer there are many events to enjoy and you can enjoy beautiful temples and creepy abandonment houses all year round :D

Hatanodai is easily reached with the Tokyu Ikegami Line (東急池上線) and the Tokyu Oimachi Line (東急大井町線) which are both great trains to take for sightseeing. The Oimachi Line will also take you to Todoroki Valley (Todoroki Station) and all the interesting stuff in Jiyugaoka (Jiyugaoka Station), like the Bunny Cafe and Sweets Forest. The Ikegami Line will bring you to the impressive Ikegami Honmonji Temple(Ikegami Station) and Danny Choo’s Office (Gotanda Station).


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