Hatanodai – Horenji Temple

The Horenji Temple (法蓮寺) is located close to my neighborhood Hatanodai, but is officially located in Ebaramachi. Horenji Temple is a small Temple compared to more well known Temples but then again it’s nice and quiet and it has a small beautiful zen garden as well. This Temple is dedicated to Ebisu, the god of shipping, fishing, and commerce. Opened daily and free entry. You can walk it in about 10 minutes from Hatanodai Station or go to Ebaramachi Station by train.

There are many Temples, Shrines and other interesting spots around the Hatanodai Area. Most of them are not that well-known by tourists and can give you a view of regular, daily life in smaller suburbs of Tokyo. For English walking guides around the Hatanodai Area, check the official Shinagawa Tourism website: http://shinatekuota.com/english/e_guides_shinagawa.html

Official Horenji Temple website (in Japanese): http://www.hourenji.or.jp/


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