Hatanodai on a Snowy day

Most of my time in Japan I stayed in Hatanodai (旗の台), a convenient, little city close to Shinagawa and Shibuya. Snow is pretty rare in the Tokyo Area, but I was lucky to be part of one of the most terrible snow storms in 13 years :D (2013). In 2014 I was lucky again, which is why I’m able to show you these snowy photo’s of Hatanodai made in 2013 and 2014. Even though Hatanodai is not used to heavy snowfall (just like the rest of Tokyo) the locals all knew what to do to keep things going smoothly. The Train Staff at Hatanodai Station started snow scooping right away so even the trains (Ikegami Line, Tokyu 7600 series, made in 1986!) could continue their regular schedule. Many shop owners around the Hatanodai Shotengai (main shopping street) started snow scooping as well together with the local people and made the streets so clean that even cyclists and wheelchair-users could still get around.

Shops stayed open, vending machines (which sell hot drinks like Hot Chocolate Milk and all kind of Coffee and Tea) and trains were still working and most of all, all the neighborhood kids were enjoying themselves everywhere in Hatanodai. I really enjoyed the Snowy days in Hatanodai and looking back at the photos I made makes me feel nostalgic and warm inside :) If you ever have time to spare and want to enjoy local, everyday life in Tokyo, Hatanodai is a great place to visit!

Hatanodai is easily reached with the Tokyu Ikegami Line (東急池上線) and the Tokyu Oimachi Line (東急大井町線) which are both great trains to take for sightseeing. The Oimachi Line will also take you to Todoroki Valley (Todoroki Station) and all the interesting stuff in Jiyugaoka (Jiyugaoka Station), like the Bunny Cafe and Sweets Forest. The Ikegami Line will bring you to the impressive Ikegami Honmonji Temple(Ikegami Station) and Danny Choo’s Office (Gotanda Station).


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