Hatanodai – Spring and Summer Events

Hatanodai (旗の台) is the neighborhood I spent most of my time in while staying in Tokyo and is a cute, convenient, little city close to Shinagawa and Shibuya. During spring the street of the Share House I stayed at turned pink and rained pretty, pink blossom for days. When you leave your house or look out of your window and you see all the blossom flying around which really makes the place even more magical.

During Summer there are many events like carrying a Mikoshi (portable Shrine), flee markets and Obon Matsuri (a commemorative festival to celebrate one’s ancestors in which Japanese believe the souls of the departed return home for a brief while). Because they’re local events, it’s not that busy at all compared to famous well-known festivals. As such it’s nice to experience these traditional festivals in a more relaxed and homely atmosphere.

Hatanodai is easily reached with the Tokyu Ikegami Line (東急池上線) and the Tokyu Oimachi Line (東急大井町線) which are both great trains to take for sightseeing. The Oimachi Line will also take you to Todoroki Valley (Todoroki Station) and all the interesting stuff in Jiyugaoka (Jiyugaoka Station), like the Bunny Cafe and Sweets Forest. The Ikegami Line takes you to the impressive Ikegami Honmonji Temple(Ikegami Station) and Danny Choo’s Office (Gotanda Station).


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