Ikebukuro Natural Disaster Hall

You will learn everything about earthquakes and fires in the National Disaster Hall in Ikebukuro. They have an earthquake simulator in which you will sit around a table with a few other visitors. I joined the Magnitude 7.0 simulator and it was really, really scary. They teach you to sit down under the table, but it’s hard staying there while everything is extremly shaking around you.

You can also practice of how to act when you’re house is on fire. You can use the fire extinguisher and you can enter a building filled with (unharmful) smoke and flames.. Other visitors can see you on camera and a staff member will tell you in how many seconds you would have died, depending on your own movements etc. Useful information for tourist and for people who are living in Japan.

All activities in the Natural Disaster Hall are for free. There are several tours a day and serval programs you can follow. For more information about tours, visit their official website (in English): http://www.tfd.metro.tokyo.jp/hp-ikbskan/2015gaikoku.pdf
It’s a short walk from Ikebukuro Station. Use their detailed map to find your way: http://www.tfd.metro.tokyo.jp/hp-ikbskan/map_ikebukuro.jpg

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