Kamakura – Hokukuji Temple – Bamboo Garden

This impressive Bamboo Garden is part of the Hokokuji Temple, also called Take-dera, which means Bamboo Temple, in Kamakura. The Bamboo forest is very relaxing and absolutely stunning! There is a lovely tea house hidden in the garden, where you can drink traditional Matcha tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Hokukuji is about 30 minutes walk from Kamakura Station or a 15 minutes ride on the Keikyu bus from Kamakura Station to Jomyo-ji.
Admission fee is 200 yen, but you can also buy an entry + Matcha drink ticket for 500 yen.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 16:00.

For more information (in Japanese and English): http://www.houkokuji.or.jp/index.html

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