Nasu Area – Yanome Dam

Nasu (那須郡) is a nature rich district located in Tochigi Prefecture and is gorgeous due to its forests, lakes and rivers. The Yanome Dam (矢の目ダム) is a hidden gem in the Nasu Area. I discovered this stunning lake by accident after forgetting my bag in the train. I was in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone and there was no staff available at the station (Toyohare Station), so I decided to walk around, waiting for the next train (which would take more than a hour..). A Japanese woman who was just passing by in her car saw me walking around and asked me if I needed any help with something. I told her what happened and helpful as she was she called the final stop of my train to make sure my bags would be safe. After some chitchat she proposed giving me a tour around the Yanome Dam by car!

Yanome Dam is a gorgeous lake with a huge extension bridge. There is nothing but nature (bamboo and trees) surrounding the lake giving the air a freshness I wasn’t used to after having been in Tokyo for so long ^^;;. She parked her car, so we could walk around the beautiful lake and surrounding nature.

I wish I could have stayed longer but the trains don’t stop that often, so she drove me to the final stop of my train where my bags where waiting for me. I thanked her like 1000 times for all her help and the wonderful tour she gave me.

Yanome Dam is an about 1,5 km walk from Toyohare Station (豊原駅). If you love nature and don’t mind the exercise I would definitely recommend this route as the Yanome Dam is just amazing and will make you relax. For a detailed walking route, you can use this map. Toyohare Station is a stop on the Tōhoku Main Line (東北本線), JR East.

For more information about Nasu, check the official website (in Japanese and English):

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