Senzoku Ike Park

Senzoku Ike (洗足池) Park is located in Ota-ku and is a nice place to spend your Sunday afternoon relaxing after a busy week. Senzoku Ike Park is great to visit all year round and especially during traditional festivals and the Sakura / Cherry Blossom period. During these events you can try out all kinds of different snacks, freshly made by the food stalls there. It’s less crowded than other popular parks around Tokyo and there are no tall buildings surrounding this park, which makes you forget you’re in one of the world busiest cities.

The pond in the middle of the park is named after Buddhist Priest Nichiren Shonin, who washed his feet there on his way to Ikegami. “Senzoku” literally means ‘washing feet’. Senzoku Ike Park is perfect for a nice stroll. You can also hire Swan Boats, Paddle boats and Rowboats and explore the large pond in the middle of the park. A walk around the pond is about 1 kilometer. There are boardwalks over the water that allows you to enjoy turtle, carps and frogs from up close. There’s also a small botanical garden and several shrines.

Senzoku Ike Park is a hidden gem in Tokyo and is definitely worth a visit. Free entry and open 7 days a week. It’s right in front of Senzokuike Station (Tokyo Ikegami Line).

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