Shibuya – 109 building, Themed Restaurants, Fashion and Anime

Shibuya is the place to be for fashion, stunning night views, restaurants, Game Centers and.. interesting people! There is always something going on in Shibuya, which makes it a great place for photography. The 109 building is filled to the brim with all kinds of different shops with their own fashion style. Even if you’re not looking for something to buy, it’s great fun just to browse. It’s a crazy, hectic experience with shop keepers dressed in the most extreme fashion trying to get your attention, shouting over the loud music.

Besides fashion shops you’ll also find electronic stores and Anime stores like Animate and a huge Mandarake. Shibuya has the busiest crossing in the world, which is often featured in movies and magazines. There are also many restaurants and game centers. Some restaurants you might want to visit are the “Lock-up”, a prison, horror themed restaurant and the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. They can be crowded during weekends, so make sure visit during weekdays or make a reservation.

Close to Shibuya you can find Yoyogi Park for a nice, relaxing stroll. On Sunday you’ll find all kinds of groups practicing their dancing, singing, acrobatics and acting, which is great to see as Japanese people love to take things seriously and provide quite a show. There are also often events like live music or food markets themed after various countries.

Official 109 Building website (in English):
Official Lock-up Restaurant website (in Japanese):
Official Alice in Wonderland Restaurant website (in Japanese):


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