Shibuya – Halloween

Shibuya is the city of youth and fashion. During Halloween Shibuya is even more lively than usual. Lots of students and young adults get dressed up in all kind of Halloween costumes and will merrily walk around Shibuya. This is not an official event or parade, but they dress up just for fun, or because they’re on their way to a Halloween Party. As usual when Japanese dress up, most will love to get their photo taken and they will reward you with some Halloween Candy (if you’re lucky). The costumes they’re wearing are often more cute than creepy, but nonetheless very well done as Japanese people love to take things silly things seriously.

Several restaurants and pubs in Shibuya will have special Halloween menu’s and parties. Some shops will join the commercial fun and’ll offer Halloween Sales. If you want to experience a creepy evening on any other day than Halloween, you can visit restaurant ‘Lock-up” which is a prison, horror themed restaurant.

Official Lock-up Restaurant website (in Japanese):


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