Yokohama – Negishi Forest Park

The Negishi Forest Park (根岸森林公園) in Yokohama is a huge, beautiful park and with more than 350 Sakura Trees it’s one of Yokohama’s most popular cherry blossom spots. The park was built in 1867 and used to be a horse racetrack for over 80 years. After the Second World War the park redeveloped into a golf course but changed once again in 1977 when it was officially opened by Yokohama city as Negishi Forest Park.

During Summer it’s a great place to escape from the heat, due to the many trees. The park is also great for a pick nick as there is plenty of space and lots of different trees and flowers. There are no restaurants available, so make sure to bring your own snacks. There are toilets available. Free entry and opened daily.

To reach Negishi Forest Park take bus 103 or 360 from JR Negishi Station to Taki-no-ue, which is in front of the main entrance of the park. Bus fee is about 200 yen.

Official website (in Japanese):


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